The Practice pharmacist


Hello, and welcome to my world. My entire working life has been dedicated to helping people get the best, evidence based help to live as well as they can. Here you will find access to many health related initiatives that will help you better understand evidence based medicine and how it can impact you, or your patients. I have also included some useful tools and tips from my experiences owning and managing retail pharmacies in Sydney over the last 25 years. You will also see some case studies acquired from my work as a non-dispensing Clinical Pharmacist working in various medical practices in Sydney.

I welcome feedback- if you like something, want to see more (or less), please email me directly. Go on, have a look around and  let me know what you think.


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why are you here?

Tim Perry, Pharmacist, working in and around Sydney, Australia.

Currently focussed on developing and expanding the role of the Practice Pharmacist working with General Practitioners to bring the skills of Clinical Pharmacists directly to patients at their doctor’s surgery.